your path to exceptional talent


Talent sourcing

Talent sourcing is the art of seeking out exceptional individuals, Matching skills and potential to unlock organizational wonders

Resume Writing

Resume writing is a craft of concise storytelling, Highlighting achievements and skills for career glory.

Training And Development

Training and development ignite growth and progress, Empowering individuals with knowledge and skills that last.

How to Get Started

1Tell Us What You Need

All we need to know:
- Skills needed
- Project details
- Start date
- Budget

2Interview Your Candidates

We’ll present you with hand-picked, fully vetted talent to fit your needs, and you choose who to interview.

3Choose Your New Teammate(s)

Once you’ve found your match, we’ll handle the details, from organizing contracts to processing timecards and more.

Partnering With AEKE

AEKE Consultancy excels in talent acquisition across diverse industries. Our specialized teams identify exceptional talent for various skill sets and levels, setting the standard. 

We offer flexible solutions for full-time and contractual roles, driving organizational success through enduring partnerships.