3k Applications Received

350 Job Openings

115 Candidates Hired

Our Strategy

Transforming lives through pushing recruiting boundaries 

AEKE Consultancy: Transforming lives, pushing recruiting boundaries. 

Our innovative approach and strategic talent selection create transformative partnerships, empowering individuals and driving organizational success. With each placement, we change lives, unlocking untapped potential. 

At AEKE Consultancy, we redefine recruitment to make a lasting impact. 

Our Values



At AEKE Consultancy. We safeguard the confidentiality of client information and handle HR matters with the utmost professionalism. Our commitment to discretion builds trust and fosters strong relationships. At AEKE Consultancy, we prioritize confidentiality as a core value, ensuring peace of mind for our clients. 



At AEKE Consultancy. We challenge norms, harnessing advanced technologies and methodologies to revolutionize HR solutions. Our forward-thinking approach delivers exceptional results and a competitive edge. At AEKE Consultancy, we embrace innovation to redefine the HR landscape. 



Partnership drives AEKE Consultancy. We value strong relationships, effective communication, and mutual trust. By co-creating bespoke solutions, we propel organizations to new heights. At AEKE Consultancy, partnership is a core value that fuels success.